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RAPI: CeRapiUninit Hang


I am creating an interface for my program to the Windows RAPI DLL in C++. I am loading the DLL dynamically (but the problem arises whether I load it dynamically or statically). When running my mutlithreaded app I successfully call CeRapiInit. It returns fine with S_OK. But later on when I call CeRapiUninit it hangs. In the method that calls CeRapiUninit, I can stick a CeRapiInit() right before and everything works:


Or I can even issue another command like delete and it will be successful:


The problem is that it HANGS not that it returns E_FAIL. This is what is surprising.

So my question is does anyone know why it would hang?

Is it because ActiveSync is still trying to do something underneath the covers. I have also checked that all my files that I was modifying were closed.

ANY suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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