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Software developer (C++/Delphi) find remote job

virspbvirspb Member Posts: 1
Hello. I'm Victor. I live Russia. My resume:
Victor Tatischev

Email: [email protected]

Location: Russia, Saint-Petersburg.
Education: the Baltic State technical university. September 1994 -
February 2000.
Speciality: the engineer, industrial microelectronics


1993-2000 Engineer - electronical. The Baltic State technical
university, Faculty of Systems of automatic control.
development of new laboratory programms for studients.
Repair of the labware(Navigating stations). Programming languages - C, C++,

2000-2003 Senior engineer. OS " Radioavionics ".
Developement software for intellectual complex of a land forces
(real-time OS VxWorks and base OS - Linux Slackware 9.0),
developement software for microcontrollers (Atmel AT89C8052,
ATMega128). Radio communication, satellite navigation.

2003-2004 Senior engineer. "Intelser".
Development software for VoIP stations (H-323, OpenH323), OS - Free
BSD, Linux. Developement VoIP codecs (G.723, G729) on DSP TI and
Motorola. Developement MS office extentions (addon), IS extentions.

2003-present time. The chief engineer of sector of the software.
"Atom Park groupe."
Management of a department of development of the software.
Development software for VoIP, OS - Windows 2000/2003.
Control systems of the enterprise.

Operating systems:
Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP (7 years), Linux (6 years), FreeBSD (2
years), MS DOS (8 years), VxWorks(2 years)
Programming languages, libraries and technologies:
Pascal/Delphi (5 years), C/C++ (7 years), STL (5 years), MS Visual
C++ (4 years), WinAPI( 5 years ), MFC (4 years), ATL (3 years),
Borland C++ (5 years), GCC( 5 years ), Berkeley sockets/WinSock( 3
years ), Assembler (7 years), IAR Systems C-compiler(2 years),
KeylSoftware( 4 years ), PHP( 2 year ).
Intel 8086 - P4( 8 years), Intel 8051/52 ( 5 years ), Atmel AVR(3
years ), TMS320C5441( 1,5 years ), Atmel ARM( 2,5 years ).

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