.NET Architecture for estate agent


I am new to this great forum, just wondering if any of you guys could take alittle time to help me with a university task I have to do.
1) First of all I know quite a lot of J2EE but I have never used .NET and there seems to be so much information on the web and so many different programs involved such as ado, asp, etc that I am having trouble understanding how it works. Basically I need to come up with a .net architecture for an estate agents website I guess this is like J2EE with the client tier, Middle tier, etc. However whenever I look around at the .net architecture examples on the net it seems that .net applications have a massive architecure and not tiers more like a high-level and a low-level architecture or from high level of abstraction to low level of abstraction. Is this correct or should it have tiers like J2ee and does anyone have an example?

2) I need to then build a few of the components from the system design to demonstrate sufficiently that the design is feasible. I am guessing this would be done in Visual Studio but other than that I wouldn't have a clue but guess I can find this bit out at uni or library unless someone has a tutorial or example that might be of use?

Thankyou (in advance)

Chris J

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