image processing

My final year project title is walking robot vision ...

the purpose of this project is to detect obstacle. we assume that the obstacle are not moving like chair, table and box. only the web cam that move.

so now i'm looking for any source code that can detect non moving obstacle (camera moving). I've tried run source code that i got, but it not work ...

thanks ...


  • Just write your own code, look for variations in color and intensity in the video feed, you can generate a fairly accurate breakup of the scenery in a picture, outlining such obstacles. Specify your project, it sounds to me like you are supposed to make image processing software and are looking for an easy way out, if your project is to build such a robot, then maybe I could understand you wanting source code.
  • yup... my part only for the vision( which is processing the input )... not building the robot ... just detect the obstacle from webcam... but i can't find the code ...
  • The library OpenCV (Open Computer Vision) is designed for just that klind of stuff! It is developed by people from Artificical Intelligence and Intel, see I used it on my Kephera Robots in the University of Bochum, Germany. It has many many more functions, like e.g. detecting, tracking, filtering, etc.

    Good luck and have fun,

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