Using a java Vector return type from a web service in a C# winapp


Heres my scenario: I have a web service running on an Axis engine. This web service was coded in Java. Now I need to consume this web service on my C# client windows application. I have properly created a .dll from the proxy class which I in turn created using the wsdl.exe.

A part of the function that I need to access from the web service returns a Vector data type (this is in java). The function has a definition like this:

public Vector getVectorData()
Vector vect = new Vector();

......//codes here

return vect;

Now heres my problem: Im lost at as how I could consume that function call and get the return Vector value/data. .NET (C#) doesnt have a direct equivalent of the Vector data type (closest is ArrayList but still, I dont think that I can use it as a substitute). The proxy class that I created has a definition for the Vector class that goes like this:

[System.Xml.Serialization.SoapTypeAttribute("Vector", "")]
public class Vector

public object[] item;

Could anyone please tell me how could I use in C# the vector data that is returned by my web service function? Im using VS2003 anyway running on WinXP SP2. Thanks in advance.

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