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Problem with list items collection

WengWeng Member Posts: 52
Hello Everyone,

I created a custom control which consists of a label and a listbox. The control has a public property called 'Items' which allows users to add list items to the control's listbox during design time. (much like the Items property of the vb listbox). I used ListItemsCollectionEditor to display the ListItems Editor window.

I added some list items using the ListItems Editor window but the listbox did not display the newly added items at all.

A code snippet is given below:

Private listitems as new ListItemCollection

_ 'displays the ListItemEditor window
Public ReadOnly Property Items() As ListItemCollection

Return listitems
End Get

End Property

How do I enable the persistance of the list items collection so that the listbox will display the items?
Advice would be appreciated
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