Aazero - Samwise Division looking for Lead Programmer

We want to let You know, that in cooperation with Aazero Interactive (www.aazero.com) we (Samwise Interactive) started a new project, code-named 'Post-Planes'. It will be an arcade game in a post apocaliptical world. However we`re looking for a Lead Programmer.

If you`re interested, take a look at this list,
What you should know:

+ Experience with 3d engines, it would be nice if you have your own
+ Experience with Torque Game Engine
+ C++ Literacy
+ Free Time
+ Willing to learn new things
+ nice if you know OpenGl/DirectX
+ Some experience in game projects
+ Teamwork ability
+ Know how to efficiently manage time and people
+ Creativity

What do we offer?
Mainly working in a dynamic expanding team, which gives an oppurtunity to gain lots of new experience. For now, we are just an amateur game development team, but we have a chance to enter the commercial market.
Letters of apply with some expamples of your skills send to: samur@scrub.only.pl
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