Is an "ACTION REPLAY" cartridge type program possible?


Is an "ACTION REPLAY" cartridge type program possible?

If any of you had one of these for an AMIGA you will know what i mean.
I think they were made for ATARI-ST computers too.

Is this sort of coding possible on a PC? I guess it is. :-)

Has anyone ever done it?
You would need to HALT all processes i guess to "FREEZE FRAME" the current memory. Then look at the memory being altered, like the number of lives in a game, then increase it and resume from there, i guess.

Has this been done for PC's?


Dr M.


  • Yes there is ... for a long time ...

    Its called Game wizard or such ... Its a cheat device thats reads all memory present for a certain game / program lets you search for specific values or such, and about 3 / 4 research know the exact address of a particular variable and lets you modify it ... even freeze it ^^

    Strictly forbidden for Online gaming though !!!
    If detected : Instant ban or worse as it is a severe hack tool

    Search for it on google

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