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Preloader doesnt preload! :-S

I have been working on my first Flash website.
It turned out to be an absolutely massive thing (heaviest site of the web probably... :-S ), but i'll be breaking it down to sections.

In the meantime, i'm testing a preloader i'm trying to implement and it doesn't work. It only shows up when it has reached around 90% of loading.

I'm sure there's something stupidly wrong that i'm doing, but here is the procedure i follow:

Preloader layers are at the top of the layer stack. only frames 1-3 are used in both the layers. The rest have been removed.
All other layers of the project have frames 1-3 empty.
FLA has only 1 Scene.
Publish settings is Top-2-Bottom. (Not sure if the others make a difference)

If anyone can help, i'd greatly appreciate it. Any shine of wisdom is welcome.

Thank you in advance.

Menelaos Prokos
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