what would you suggest?

we are creating an online-registration system (enrolment) for our thesis

In our country, Secondary Education is achieved in 4 years and divided into 4 levels from 1st to 4th year level..

every year level is divided into 4 grading periods

With respect to our client (the High School Itself), Each year level has 4 sections wherein every section has 40 students.... all in all, the school has 640 students.

the teachers in that school is approximately 37.

our question is that based on the descriptions of our clients, what would you recommend to us with respect to the backend(i.e. mysql, oracle, db2) and frontend(php, vb.net, oracle developer suite, etc.) and the hardware specifications (min. hardware requirements) as well.... we hope for your suggestion that will help us save money

note: we cannot use ms access for our database... our professor said that..

thank you for your time...

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