AJAX relation to XML

Hello everyone!
I would like some help on relating the usage of AJAX with some XML,
formated by XSLT. I found no demos on thisone. For example, if you have
some big base of users, and you want to make filtering of these users by
using AJAX...how would I format the resulting in an XSLT-generated table?
I supposed that it is something to do with the responseXML method of the
XMLHTTP Request variable. But even then - what should I do in the PHP
server script to get my result in XML format, and not getting it by
And how is the best way for such program to work? Get the data from a MySQL database and just sort and display it by XML-XSLT, or just get it
from big XML file and display it using XSLT?
Thanks in advance.
Mihail Dimitrov
ICQ : 110064098
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