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Please Help, desperate!!! Trying to run Server 2003 on laptop

DirtyKDirtyK Member Posts: 35

I hope someone can help, as part of my dissertation I need to implement Windows Server 2003 so that I can get to grips with Sharepoint Services. I had untold trouble doing this on my home PC so I have kindly been lent a laptop so that I can run it completely standalone. The laptop is an IBM T43 and I have installed Server 2003 onto it, the thing is, all of the Network drivers are missing and I can't find them anywhere. I have tried to install the XP ones but I can't find any for Server 2003. I know that people have run this off laptops before. Is there any way of doing this?

Thank-you in advance,



  • melissa_may1melissa_may1 Member Posts: 937
    Hi Kelly:

    I didn't see any responses, and I was wondering if you ever got this working?

    I would have tried any IBM net interface drivers that were made for Win2000


  • mountainmanmountainman Member Posts: 1
    As i know that there are several issues we can face while trying to run Windows Server 2003 OS on a laptop.

    My suggestion is try to use the Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 and create a virtual machine running the Windows Server 2003 as an OS. This will allow us to avoid several issues.
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