visual studio can not start debugging because the debug target......

Hi Frnds,

i have a issue in C#.
when i run some code which i downloaded from internet i got the error like.

"visual studio can not start debugging because the debug target 'so so so so path .exe' is missing. please build the project and retry, or set the output path and assemblyname properties appropriately to point at the correct location for the target assembly."

i dont know how to resolve..i search on internet since 1 week still i m not able to get the solution...
i post in forum also asked some developers but still i am not getting the solutions.

i m not able to run project...because in Bin directory there is no (.EXE) it is not necessary that we must have (*.exe) in BIN directory.
in my some program if i delete the Bin Folder and again run then it will automatically created BIN folder and (.exe) file also in those project i didnt get error that you have no (.exe)
in some program if i click on the Rebuil System. then it delete (.exe) and the program will not run and get the same error like "visual studio can nt start debugging ......................"

i know this problem is small for all of you... please try to solve and give me the proper suggestion

Awaiting for your positive reply..

[email protected]

Thanks & Regards
Hiren Patel


  • Meabe U need try to make new project and copy only code. I have got same error if I dont have whole project
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