Communication between Z80 and KIO Z84C90. What is Register 14?

I have designed a card for communication between my Z80 and a PC via RS232. I use the KIO Z84C90 (including CTC and SIO) and MAX232.
I think I have programmed the CTC and the Serial Channel 0 correctly, but it still doesnt work. I have assumed that I shall use the same commands as for the Z8430 CTC and the Z8440 SIO. Have I done right so far?
Now I have seen that the KIO has a Register 14 KIO Command. I suspect that I have to write something in that register, but I cant find any documentation about this register. Do you have information about how to program the KIO, and information about Register 14 - KIO Command?
Please give me a clue.
Many thanks in advance.
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