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Web service fetching data from a database.

ruchika_ruruchika_ru Member Posts: 52

I have created a web service that fetches data from a database. Now, I have checked that the webservice can return both a DataTable and a DataSet object.

But, When I try to return a DataTable object onto a DataGrid inside a window application, I get an error which says "Cannot convert type 'ApplicationName.localhost.FunctionNameResponseFunctionNameResult' to 'System.Data.DataTable'"

Well, If I try to explicitly convert the object returned by the web service into a DataTable object, I receive the same error.

So eventually, I tried returning a dataSet object from the web service.

This works perfectly fine but the problem is...

I have 1 table in the dataset with the field names as "ECode", "FName" and "LName".

And I have 3 textBoxes in my windows application where I want to display the corresponding fields one by one.

Can I please be suggested as to how to display data onto each textbox and navigate it as per my convinience....???




  • Chris BrownChris Brown USAMember Posts: 4,624 ✭✭

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