New E-Zine is looking for submissions

Hello everybody. I'm developing a new E-Zine dedicated to the hobbyist programming community. I'm looking for lots of C/C++ and also Assembly (x86) tutorials, articles, news, reviews, or anything else you can think of. Have an ASM tip? Write a tutorial! Heard about a new open-source game in the works? Write a news brief! I'm looking for anything related to C/C++ and ASM, so if you have anything, then please write it. Please send any and all submissions to [email protected] If you have any questions, simply reply to this post :D.


  • Im developing a set of OS developing tutorials from the ground up,
    specifically ment for beginners. Its still in development though,
    and has spelling errors. It has been getting alot of positive comments
    though :-)

    It also uses (or, rather will use) a mixture of C and x86 asm.

    [link=]Here is the link[/link]

    If you are interested, reply back, email, or PM me :-)
    [hr][size=1][leftbr].:EvolutionEngine[rightbr][leftbr].:MicroOS Operating System[rightbr][leftbr][link=]Website[rightbr][/link][/size]
  • Hello. That sounds quite interesting. What would you be sending in to the mag? Perhaps a few ASM tips? Or maybe an article on OS development theory? I don't really care what you send in (I'm sort of desperate at the moment :P), just curious as to what it would be.
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