URDU Character Recognition Problem!

i am working on my final year Project of BCS, in which i have developed Optical Character Recognition for Naskh Ligature( Font type of urdu). i have been able to recognize majority of Characters except 2-3 which are :
1. kaaf
2. yay
3. noon

in response to recognition of these characters, for example, MATLAB after reconizing " kaaf " displays a Square Box instead of the character. i am using MATLAB 7.0. Even if i pass original UNICODE of character " kaaf", even then the MATLAB shows it as square box. Please help me if anyone is aware of this problem and its solution.


  • modify ur project such that it become stable for urdu font eg unicode, UTF encoding
  • : modify your urdu ocr, optical character recognition project in such a way that it become stable for urdu font eg use of: unicode, UTF encoding

    i built the first urdu ocr ( urdu optical character recognition for naskh ligature) in august 2007 during my undergraduate degree course BS(CS)

  • A.salam
    I am also doing project on Urdu character recognition, but i am unable to develop any code..would u please send me ur code..so that i can complete my graduation...adilkts@gmail.com
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