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dbrandtdbrandt Member Posts: 43
Basically I have 2 variables, szRecvBuff and param. I want param's value to be the same as szRecvBuff's value, except the first two letters in szRecvBuff are NOT in param. I set up this code:

char szRecvBuff[1024];
char param[1024];
for (int z = 2; z < (strlen(szRecvBuff)); z++)
strcpy_s(param[z], szRecvBuff[z]);

I get this error:
error C2660: 'strcpy_s' : function does not take 2 arguments

Of course strcpy_s takes 2 arguments, so what the hell's the problem? I'm using VC++ 2005 btw.


  • LundinLundin Member Posts: 3,711
    It expects pointers.

    strcpy_s (&param[z], &szRecvBuff[z]);
  • katmankatman Member Posts: 24
    I'm wonder why you are using strcpy in the loop? If I understand your goal to skip the 1st 2 chars in szRecvBuff, the following loop would do it:

    char szRecvBuff[1024];
    char param[1024];
    for (int z=2; z < (strlen(szRecvBuff)); z++)
    { param[z-2] = szRecvBuff[z]; }

    However, consider what the following code does:

    char szRecvBuff[1024];
    char param[1024];
    strcpy(&param[0], &szRecvBuff[2]);

    (szRecvBuff is Null terminated and at least 2 characters long, which you could check with an if (strlen...))
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