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blooseybloosey Member Posts: 1
I am not new to qbasic but am to sound programming. I have been using a freeware sequencer to play the midi sythesiser on the sound blaster soundcard with some success. I am now building my own controller through a hacked pc keyboard and using Qbasic inkey$ (or lower) to input. I want to output midi to sound blaster so I downloaded qbmidi and installed the library. First call is -seeifmpuexists- then call to play the note with tone and velocity. Ok - its telling me mpu does not exist.

I take it that the mpu is the connected sythesiser and in my case this should be the inbuilt midi synth on the sound card. Any ideas how a get the basic program to recognise it?

Hope someone can help

Bloosey (who wants to play the blues with Qbasic)
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