Help modify an online game please!

I am hosting several (16) online games [Halo Pc.] I have the ability to uniquely name each server, using up to 64 spcs for the name. But over the years people have added ALT Codes into thier names to PUSH there serevers to the top of list. I did to. Now I find it necessary to push it even further to the top of list. I can do so by eliminating the unique names of the servers and Hex Editing each version of the executible files "Default" name.

And this works, kinda. I am limited in this manner to only 26 spc and I NEED more. What I have been trying to learn is how to place a "goto" to another location where i can utilize a longer name and then return to that loaction.

Could you share that knowledge with me or better yet a location that can teach me.
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