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autorun floppydisk


does anyone know if it is possible to use "autorun" with floppydisks?

I would like to open a html page when the floppydisk is inserted.

thanks, Michiel



  • That's impossible. The floppy drive doesn't do anything without a command and inserting a disk isn't enough.

  • Greetings,

    It is possible to simulate autorun with a floppy.

    I did something like this when I was in college - our Delphi assignment was to

    make a graphical ATM program.

    I used a timer with a try / except to keep checking the disk to simulate

    inserting your keycard. (I also caused a stir by sending scanned 10 notes to

    the printer - LOL)

    Anyway - it should be possible to write a program that checks the disk in this

    way and put it your startup folder or whatever.

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