Is there any way to split this?


I'm a fairly new(ish) Perl programmer, and don't do enough to stay good at it. I'm struggling with coming up with a way to do the following. I've got a file full of lines that look like the following. I


  • Hi,

    Ouch. The obvious but evil thing that comes to mind is to encode the commas that are inside the quotes and then do the split. But it'd be nice to do better. How about this?

    [code]my @bits = split /,(?![^",]+")/, $string;[/code]

    Lookahead ROCKS. The idea is that you can say "here's something that I don't want this pattern to match, but that must come after the thing that I do want to match, otherwise we fail". So we match a comma. Then we do a negative lookahead (meaning I want this to not be the case) and say that we want to fail if we see a load of things that are not commas and quotes followed by a quote.

    Well, it works if there is only one quote nested inside the quotes, but for two or more it fails. So we need to consider that case...

    [code]my @bits = split /,(?!(?:[^",]|[^"],[^"])+")/, $string;[/code]

    Which is probably starting to make your head spin and took me a good five minutes to come up with. But it appears to work.

    [code]my $string = <<TEXT;
    blah,"blah, blah, blah",blah,"blah"

    my @bits = split /,(?!(?:[^",]|[^"],[^"])+")/, $string;
    print join "
    ", @bits;[/code]

    Run it and you get the output:

    "blah, blah, blah"

    Hope it works for you!

    (tr/yuiqwert/her anot/))for($::b);for($::c){$_.=$^X;
    /(p.{2}l)/;$_=$1}$::b=~/(..)$/;print("$::a$::b $::c hack$1.");
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