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TI DSP Evaluation Board & Tool: EVM2812 Evaluation Board

gaotekcngaotekcn Member Posts: 6
TI DSP Evaluation Board & Tool: EVM2812 Evaluation Board

EVM2812 TI DSP Evaluation Board 's Features:
1. On-board TMS320F2812 DSP, 32-bit fix-point Flash DSP, operating at 150Mhz
2. 128K*16 bits on-chip Flash program memory, Flash encryptable
3. 18K*16 bits on-chip SRAM
4. 256K*16 bits extended SRAM as program/data RAM (upgradable to 512K*16 bits)
5. 8K words (16K bytes) extended EEPROM as parameter ROM, with SPI interface
6. 4 channels of 12-bit extended DAC sync output with SPI interface
7. Standard RS232, CAN communication interface
8. On-board VL-Bus, data/address/control leadout wires and special function pins with leadout wires
9. On board IEEE1149 JTAG interface for real-time emulation
10. Power supply: 5
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