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Assembly Editor

Hi all,

I'm new to this forum and I'd like to know what is the best assembly editor I can use.

Thanks a lot for your help



  • MT2002MT2002 Posts: 1,444Member

    There is not much assembly IDEs out there. I personally just use either notepad or MSVC++ 2005.

    I have used Emu86, which includes a nice IDE in it, but it is rather limited in what it can do.

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  • AsmGuru62AsmGuru62 Posts: 6,519Member
    [color=Blue]Sometimes, it depends on the type of Assembler. WinAsm is not bad - it can be used for a few Assemblers. FASMW is used only for FASM. Search the web - you will find a few more, like AsmEdit, RosAsm and others.[/color]
  • anthrax11anthrax11 Posts: 511Member
    I use [link=]RadASM[/link]. Can't ask for anything better :).
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