problems with assigning a global matrix - bet easy to solve

hey you all Matlab users (probably knowing the program much better than I do, at least I hope so) - and sorry for my poor english, trying to do my best to be understood.

Im having some problems with pdepe, or rather, with globalizing a matrix. Im trying to solve a set of 4 partial differential equations. It's using some constants, which I set at the beginning of the function I built to solve it:
function header plus global line:
"function [t,x,cc1,cc2,cc3,cc4] = model_11_sim
global Pe eps u0 u1"

then im typing those u0/u1 constants in:
"u0 = [1e-3;1e-3;1e-3;1e-3];"
"u1 = [0.45;0.4;0.1;0.05];"

a function, which is written few lines under is using those:
"function uw1=ul1(t)
global u0 u1
uw1 = u0(1)+(u1(1)-u0(1))*1.01^(1/(-10*t));"

the info im getting from matlab is:

"??? Attempted to access u1(1); index out of bounds because numel(u1)=0.
Error in ==> model_11_sim>ul1 at 110
uw1 = u0(1)+(u1(1)-u0(1))*1.01^(1/(-10*t));
Error in ==> model_11_sim>bound_cond at 128
pl = [(-1/eps)*(ul1(t)-ul(1));
Error in ==> pdepe at 247
[pL,qL,pR,qR] = feval(bc,xmesh(1),y0(:,1),xmesh(nx),y0(:,nx),t(1),varargin{:});
Error in ==> model_11_sim at 24

Anyone please able to help me? I can send the whole function - its only about 50 lines of code, per email or PM over here. Thanks in advance for the help provided.
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