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SCM passes incorrect Interface IID

hfa_gyaanahfa_gyaana Member Posts: 1
Good Day Friends,

I have written a very basic COM server. It has one coclass.

I also wrote a simple C client to access this object. I used the method [b]CoGetClassObject[/b] to get the pointer to the desired custom interface.

The Server DLL gets loaded, the method [b]DllGetClassObject[/b] is called. The class iid passed to this method is correct but the interface REFIID is incorrect.

I tried passing IID_IUnknown and IID_IClassFactory as well. But the "riid" value I receive inside "DllGetClassObject" is always incorrect.

Please advice me how to overcome this error.

Thanks in advance!

Yours truly,
Pankaj Dwivedi.
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