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Freelance Programmer / Developer ASP.NET

neox1977neox1977 Member Posts: 4
I am a freelancer. In the past I worked on different projects so I have wide field of specialization from system projects( written using Windows API ) to UI projects. Worked on realization of 3-tier architecture in UI applications(Windows forms and Asp.Net applications).

My fields of specializations are:

1. C#
4. XML Format.
5. SQL Server
6. Windows API
7. Access
8. Crystal reports
9. Web Services and Windows Services
10. HTML/DHTML/Java Script (Basic skills)
11. VB.NET
12. VB
13. ASP
14. Visual Foxpro / Foxpro
15. Oracle

I live and work from India. If this is not a problem then buzz me back. I am open for monthly fixed rate as well.

If you are looking for a programmer and have work for remote programming, please contact me : MSN - [email protected], Gmail - [email protected]


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