desktop search system, need some help?

hi, greetings from Turkey,
i have a school project that i have to do a desktop search software that will search the computer for the given file names or for the content of the file(for any given strings program will search the content of the files in local disks) in java, i made research that java has a library for text-based searchs, it is apache/lucene library, also found some programs in sourceforge that is written in java using with lucene library,

here i have some questions,
how should i implemet these project/codes?
how/should i use a database for the indexed file names/paths,ect.. what should i use as a database?
how can i implement the context based search part?
any site for the desktop search sytems(how to's, info about making these systems , source codes like sites)

any ideas would be great and it will help me a lot,
thanks for reading!
i'll be waiting your replies.
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