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.hack-based MMORPG Seeking Coders/Help

CubiaCubia Member Posts: 1
Greetings. I am Cubia, leader (promotion manager) and director of an MMORPG-in-progress based on .hack's "The World". While production is going smoothely, we've ran into a bit of trouble with losing some of our more experienced coders/scripters and so are now going around asking for help.

Team Twilight Children's Crystal Space/Blender project has been under development for a little over a month now. The game is dubbed Epitaph: The Twilight Children, and has it's grounding in .hack's "The World". We take all sorts of help from beginners to experienced veterans that all work for in-game benefits and to see the fruits that their hard work bears.

Mainly we need someone who is familiar with Python or C++, and who is willing to work with Crystal Space engine to make our game work properly as it should. We provide links to tutorials for beginners so that they have a heads up and room to grow. Any artists, animators, Blender experts/beginners, musick composers are welcomed as well.

For more information, visit our forums:

There is a chat where youmay ask questions and discuss everything from the game to everyday life. I'm usually always on, so drop by anytime. ^^

Age and experience do not matter. All we ask is that you have the patience and aspiration to learn and work with a team.

See you there.

Cubia, project manager


  • troshiryotroshiryo Member Posts: 4
    hi my name is jesse ray turnipseed i have never work with code before i have always dreamed about being a programmer i will learn if your willing to teach me my dream is to be the best and i will be the best if you will i would be honored to work with your company thank you for your time and i hope to hear back from you
  • troshiryotroshiryo Member Posts: 4
    This post has been deleted.
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