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PHP SQL query with DATE_SUB returns no result

robseekrobseek Member Posts: 4
I'm trying to produce a query that deletes all shopping carts that have had no products added to them for a number of days specified by $days. Even if I set $days to zero no results are returned.

Here is the code:

$sql = "SELECT cart_id, date_product_added
FROM shopping_cart
GROUP BY cart_id
>= MAX(date_product_added)";
$query = mysql_query($sql);
$result = mysql_num_rows($query);

As I understand it the DATE_SUB method will return the date that is the result of CURDATE() - NUM_OF_DAYS. This means that if $days is equal to zero than the date returned would be the current date.

If the date_product_added was two hours earlier then the current date then the query should yield a result that is not zero. This is because the date returned by DATE_SUB() is greater than or equal to MAX(date_product_added). MAX returns the date with the highest value in the shopping cart.

Why is this query returning 0 results even when I set $days to zero.

Thanks for any help.
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