BEST buk for mastering c & c++

hi ,
pls suggest me "THE BEST " book for mastering



  • Whats a "buk"? Please use proper grammar.

    There is no such thing as the "best" of anything as what is better for some may not be better for others.

    For C++, I would recommend reading both "Thinking in C++" and "The C++ Programming Language" (Google for them). The first one are also online ebooks.

    The C++ Programming language is a bit advanced. If you are starting programming or C++, wait until you get better before picking this one up. "Thinking in C++" is great for beginners, though.

    ...As for C... Well, I personally don't use C that often so I cannot comment much on that. In either case, learn one language at a time, not both.

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