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sending files

Avinash.VAvinash.V Member Posts: 11
hi there

i want to know is there any way through which i can send a file to my friend via my own program? without using email-attachments and other websites.

i need to write a program which can send data to his computer via internet
i know his ip.and he know mine. is there any way that we can communicate files?

will i have to use socket programming?

plz help me solve this problem


  • MT2002MT2002 Member Posts: 1,444

    This program sounds more of a "want" then a "need" ;)

    Assuming Windows, look into using Win32 Sockets. You can also try a 3rd party library. Please keep in mind that it is not quite as easy as just knowing a computers ip.
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  • IDKIDK Member Posts: 1,784
    One word, FTP.
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