Linear Optimization - Plz help

N = 5;
[Node1, Node2, distance] = find(table);

I am trying to use the molecule model for placing nodes in a network relatively. There seem to be a problem with the mmole function. Does mmole function work only for larger number of nodes(atoms) i.e 25 or greater or can it be used for even smaller number of nodes(atoms) i.e 10 or lesser

Xstart = [ [.25 .25] ; reshape(xrandom, N-1, 2)];
plot(Xstart(:,1),Xstart(:,2), 'b.', 'Markersize', 20);
for i = 1:length(distance)
line([Xstart(Node1(i),1) Xstart(Node2(i),1)],[Xstart(Node1(i),2), Xstart(Node2(i),2)]);
title('Initial Locations');
axis square;

[Node1, Node2, distance] = find(table);
title('Measured distances');
[val,g,H] = mmole(xrandom,table);
title('Structure of Hessian Matrix');
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