DOM problem in IE 7 but not Firefox or Opera

I'm having a problem with manipulating the Document Object Model(DOM) for Internet Explorer. The code I used works in Firefox and Opera but not in Internet Explorer 7. It failed while testing it in IE version 7.0.6000.16681.

How it fails:
The DOM changes don't show. The JavaScript completes without throwing any exceptions but in Internet Explorer, the DOM changes are not visible.

Here is the code being referred to:

var questionNum=2;

Adds a question to a table by appending a new tr to that table's children
function addQuestion()
var table = document.getElementById("questions");
var td = document.createElement("td"); // a td to contain the statement
var tr = document.createElement("tr"); // a tr to contain the td

"Here is question "+questionNum));


alert("question added. Do you see it?");

Here is question 1.


Should something in this code be changed so it works for all browsers?

Is there a way to explicitly update or refresh the display to reveal the changes Internet Explorer seems to be hiding?

Do you have any other suggestion for clearing up this problem?
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