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The Cipher Challenge

AlfredoG4AlfredoG4 Member Posts: 1
Hello everyone, my algorithms teacher told us to look for an algorithm solving this problem and explaining it, help is very appreciated as we are not that deep into algorithms yet.

Given a list of 4, 5, 6 ... or 10 integers (between 1 and 100) find the way of getting another integer between 1 and 2000, using only the basic operations: add, substract, multiply and divide. each number in the list can only be used once.

challenge: design, implement and document a solution to the problem, faster than the example program (which I will link later", for sizes between 6 and 10, and that it cannot lose a solution, the program must indicaite all the reachable numbers between 1 and 2000, using the input data.

here is the link, if you need help understanding it just let me know, drop me a message or something

thanks in advance!
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