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X86 ASSEMBLER: Question About Operations

saxman727saxman727 Member Posts: 8
I have this line using Intel syntax:

[code]add [eax], dl[/code]

Let's say the address stored in EAX is 0. Pretty simple. Okay, and the value at [EAX] is 0xFFFFFFFF. Register DL is 1. What's going to happen to the value at [EAX]? Will just the first byte change to 0, or will it extend out to other bits?


  • anthrax11anthrax11 Member Posts: 511
    Only the first byte will change to 1 in this case.

    How much is changed depends on the size of the second operand. DL is 8 bits, so just one byte is changed. If it were EDX (and EDX = 1), then the entire dword(4 bytes) would be changed to a value of 1.
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