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Segmenting a Database, interfacing with SQL

NeduNedu Member Posts: 1
hi folks. I'm currently working on my final year project, which is the realization of an efficient fingerprint authentication system. I'm developing the database with VB.Net's SQL, and i intend using the powerful tool of Matlab. my issues are as follows
1. using Matlab to create 5 segments/partitions, each partition is the name of a group of fingerprints, eg loop, whorl, arch, etc
2. using Matlab to obtain a unique ID for a scanned fingerprint, and placing it in the correct segment, eg whorl-001, loop-001, etc.
3. interfacing with SQL Database created in VB.Net
My real issues are how to use the powerful tools of Matlab in realizing a fast authentication, so that a search is confined to a segment which will make it a lot faster.


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