Trying to make my own slide function. Element questions.

Hi there I wanted to make my own slide function and ran into some trouble.
I've got some ideas of how to make it simpler but not perfect.
The statements marked in diffrent colors below is where the problem is, I just don't know how to write them.

[code]function slideup(divid1) {
var element1 = document.getElementById(divid1);
var buffer1 = element1;

[color=Green]element1 = "";[/color] //The thought here is to turn element1 into a blank div without such things as "onClick="execute();"
element1.innerHTML = "
"; //The thought is to add the original element into the new blank div
var slide1 = document.getElementById("slide1");
[color=Red]slide1 = buffer1;[/color] //Thoght here is to turn this element into an exact copy of the old one including things such as "onClick="execute();"
//Also tried [color=Blue]element1.add(buffer1);[/color] = "hidden"; ="100px"; ="100px"; = "100px"; = "100px"; = "-5px";

I can't find what has for other extensions. Is there full refrence page somewhere, I was thinking something like.

Tried looking here but I can't find anything useful.
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