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iCore invites best testers to try Disposable Virtual Machines

[italic]Hi all.
We launched our first product.
Try it please and post feedback.[/italic]

Disposable Virtual Machines - create, use, through away or postpone for later use! Keep you Windows fast and clean.
[b]iCore Computer 3-in-1[/b] lets you easily create multiple virtual machines to isolate and protect very different activities(for example, a child's computer games, a teenager's Internet activity, a parent's sensitive financial files) from impacting one another - without requiring you to be a virtualization expert.
It's FREE, of course!

[b]PS [/b]It's the first easy-to-use container-based virtualization solution built for Microsoft Windows. Thanks to such type of virtualization:
* Almost zero performance overhead
* System hardware is fully utilized (So you can install and play video games inside Virtual Machine )
* No additional OS licenses requirement


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    iCore video for geeks:
  • iCoreiCore Member Posts: 3
    Good afternoon!

    New version of iCore Computer 3-in-1 is available [v2.3.2.193].
    Download link:

    BUGFIX: Invalid IRQL on MPPAE machine

    -Isolation from the console session 0, the Session 0 is only used for iCore Host.
    -The separate reboots of Virtual Desktops through logoff, processing of the delayed file operations.
    -Virtualization of known system dlls
    -Simplify GUI installer.

    This version is realized with the waiting of initializing service RpcSs (so Logon process takes 30-50 seconds).
    Sometimes there is reboot waiting.


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