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Read text and save it in an array (MatLab)

juancmr1juancmr1 Member Posts: 1
Hi I hope somebody can give an advice,

I am working in a Matlab programm, I need to read a textfile with 3 columns separated with a "," like this:


Once I read the data I need to save it in an array (Matrix),
I am first trying to read a text file (5 colulmns) separated by a blank space and then modify it in order to recognize the " ," as the previous example.

1. I am running the attached m file but I got the same error message:
??? Subscripted assignment dimension mismatch.

Error in ==> GetData1 at 42
Any recomendation??

2. How can I modify it in order to read and save the text file but now separated by a comma "," ????

Thank you very much

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