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Book for learning Graphics prgrming ...

micro_prgmermicro_prgmer Member Posts: 2


I want to learn graphics programming in c++ .I don't kniw anything in graphics programming .I want to learn it

I know c and c++

Which is the best book that starts from NEWBIE level to MASTERING level .



  • MT2002MT2002 Member Posts: 1,444

    Graphics are operating system dependent...First decide what API that you wish to use that is compatible with your operating system and start learning how to use that API.

    3d graphics concepts can usually be used across multiple 3d APIs and libraries, so it does not really matter what you choose.

    DirectX is Windows and XBox specific and requires some prior knowledge in the system API (ie, Win32 API for Windows)

    OpenGL is portable but is graphics only, Other libraries exist however for sound (OpenAL). Input is done through the system API.

    There is no book that covers everything about graphics programming... It is simply too complex of a topic.

  • Malcolm_McLeanMalcolm_McLean Member Posts: 254 ✭✭
    Try Foley [italic]et al [/italic] Compueter Graphics, Principles and Practise. It's the standard work.

    Graphics gems are very useful once you've got to a certain level.

    If you want a very practical introduction I can recommend my own work, Basic Algorithms.
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