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Need help in Java Swing - URGENT!

sxb4545sxb4545 Member Posts: 6

I am a newbie to advanced swing components and I have a question here regarding action events....I am already working and being new to IBM RAD (Rational Application Developer) for Java applications....

I created a three row button using the setBounds property something like this'

private static string[] ROW_CONTROL_ACTIONS={"x","y","z"};

public void go()
JButton RowControlButton=new JButton();
for (int b=0;b<3;b++)
// settooltiptext code here
// settooltiptext code here
//setBounds (for positionoing ) goes here
//Add Action Listener code goes here
//Add to container

}//ENd of code

public class T1Panel implements IEEventListener {
private IEButton AddFirstButton;
private IEButton rowControlButton;
private static final String[] ROW_CONTROL_ACTIONS = {"RC_UP","RC_DOWN","RC_DELETE"};
private static final String AddActions="RC_ADDFIRST";

public void setVisible(boolean b) {

In the buttonclickV2 method the actions takes place......

public void buttonClickV2(java.lang.String buttonLabel,String msg) {


System.err.println("Add 1st row to fieldset");

AddFirstButton.setEnabled(false); // disables the buttons
//get the user input to fill in - set Textfield

T1Field tf = (T1Field) this.paramData.getFieldVector().get(0);
String inputstr = tf.getUserInputStr(); //gets whatever default value the user has entered - just for testing purposes

boolean found = false;

rowControlButton.setVisible(true); - THE PROBLEM STARTS HERE__________________

// What I need help here is that I have another button named ActionButton that has Add 1st Icon here upon which when I clicked here it should turn on ROwControlButton I meant all the two buttons turned on...

I meant something like this... I tried RowControlButton.setVisible(true) instead it returned the last button withicon DownArrow rather than the two buttons being shown simulateneously when the ActionButton is pressed

Can someone point out what wrong i am doing here ...any code might be helpful.... here THis is URGENT...PLease Help

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