Select actual name value instead of Identity Seed from a (FK) column?

Situation: Have two tables created in MS SQL Server 2005


CustomerID Integer PK
CustomerName Varchar
CustomerAddress Varchar
CountryID FK (from Country Table)

[b]Table2 [/b]

CountryID Integer PK
CountryName Varchar
CountryRegion FK (from Region Table)

Current Outcome:

I connected Table1 (this table was already populated with a few sample records) to Visual Studio.Net 2008 and placed this tables TextBoxControls on a Form for the purpose of DataEntry of new records and/or modification of existing records on the table. This part works as intended. I converted the CountryID field into a DropDownList in order to pick the appropriate country depending on the customer. This part is the problem. First of all, it only show one record available in this field, the seed value of the CountryID from the Table2 CountryID (example 1).

Desired Outcome:

What I need this field to do is to show me a list of


  • Set both DataValueField and DataTextField to CountryName for the dropdownlist before doing the data bind.

    Hope this will solve your problem. :)

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