Linux Newbie - Experienced Programmer - Help !

My Name is Dave West. I live in Okemos Michigan.

I am a Linux newbie and an experienced industrial control software programmer.

I have developed, over the last 25 years, some significant software to control the manufacture of asphalt, both in drum and batch plants. I use the company name


  • I don't work much with Linux, so I won't be much help there. I recently have started using Delphi and it's really good and that would be my recommendation... other than the fact that you are using homebrew cards.

    I understand why people think you should switch to Windows, but personally I think trying to get your cards to be compatible would be too much of a pain and windows doesn't like to give direct control to ports, etc. It obviously could be done, but how much time is it worth...

    Doing a quick web search brings back that Free Pascal & GNU Pascal both offer Linux support. For a multitasking enivronment, these would probably be your best bet.

    If all it comes down to is they want a windows-like GUI, you could create a GUI to run on DOS. It's fairly easy, depending on how graphically intense you want it. I find the biggest drawback to a DOS GUI is that I have never been able to figure out how to change the refresh rate, so if you run a medium resolution 640x480 screen you will get flicker!

    Hopefully someone else has some ideas (Zibadian?). If you decide to implement a DOS GUI, I'm more than willing to give you a hand as I've played around with DOS graphics for many years.

    Phat Nat
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