MatLab and Lotus Domino a good combination!

The company I work for (Lialis) has developed a super cool web application, by use of Matlab technology. While our website is in Dutch, I present here some information. For a demo video ( please visit our website [url][/url] and select the Sella zitdruk web applicatie video.

Headlines of this application:
* Used by medical specialists to measure and analyse seating presure details, for example of a client sitting in a wheal chair
* Build for the customer
* Lotus Domino R7 internet application
* Integration with MatLab runtime environment using Domino web services
* Integration with 2 TekScan sit pressure devices via Active X component

Sella Sit Preasure application: With this application medical specialists are able to determine the correct sit position for clients with a physical disability. This can prevent pain in shoulders, back and or bottom and prevents decubitus.

Each medical specialist will be supplied with a laptop and two TekScan sit pressure devices. The laptop is connected to the Internet, for the specialists to be able to communicate with the Sella Sit Preasure application. The application is able to communicate with the sit pressure devices and the Lotus Domino web server, by use of an Active X component.

The Internet application is presented to the specialist by use of one Internet page. All the data processing is arranged here (input client information, execution measurements, generation automatic information, etc.). The specialists does not have to perform complicated actions or have knowledge about Internet and Lotus Domino Internet applications.

The Internet applications shows real-time sit pressure representations. After the representations are frozen, the Internet application analyses the input and shows the information to the specialist on the Internet client form. By puting the representations back in live mode, the specialist is able to repeat the action, untill the correct sit position has been reached.

for more information, please send me an email: [url][/url]
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