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url with username and password passed

geraldjr30geraldjr30 Member Posts: 4

i am trying to automate navigating to a web page. i tried to figure out the asp code for this sitre butim really not that well versed in asp. i have some code which opens up this something.something/transactions/logon.asp site... and passes username and password to get to the home screen, but i cannot figure out the url string used to pass the username and password string to get to the site. When I use the automation to simply go to the (wanting to simulate navigating to url referenced in the code within the 2 *********** lines below) it appears that the username and password cookies are lost thus causing it to go back to the cleared out something.something/transactions/logon.asp in which the username and password fields are cleared out. can someone help me determine the url link i need to enter into my automation code to navigate to? the code for the asp site is attached.

thanks in advance,

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