need help in organizing a function

I have a question about embedded C programming. I need to program drivers for a robot . I use the microprocessor freescale mc9s12c32.
the controller for the motor is the SN754410.
Here is the problem:
( I gave the whole problem so that you have an idea. the issue is the function in bold)

Motor I/O Driver. Write a motor driver module to drive the left and right motors. The module should provide at least the following operations (you may customize/combine/add to these as you see fit):
- motors_Initialization()


  • : [b]motors_Control(left, dutyLeft, right, dutyRight)

  • Thank you for the help!
    No, it is mentioned to store the state of the motors.
    The utility function like moveleftforward(dutyleft) are those which set the the PMW register right?
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