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Ajax + php passing parameter as array

ierpeierpe Member Posts: 1
I am building a web application in Ajax + Php.
Using Ajax, i would like to pass a javascript array containing some form values to a php script.
The script php then should get the array and access the array data.
But I cant get it working :p
I think I am doing something wrong in my js function...

Here is my form:
var p = new Array()

Search Content:


<? $misc->getSelectCategory(); ?> //fetch data in the db and build the select list


Here is my control function in my ajax.js
function control(p,action)
if (xmlHttp==null)
alert ("Browser does not support HTTP Request")
var url= "include/"+ action +".php"

And in my content_get2.php: $p = $_GET["p"];
Since I send my url+"?p[]="+p, i get an array, but its empty...
What do i do wrong?

Please help me!


  • Falkon303Falkon303 Member Posts: 2
    I recommend for ajax requests

    usage is much easier

    function request()
    {new Ajax.Request('usethesamepage.php', { method: 'get', parameters: { req: $('formname').serialize()}, onSuccess: function(p)
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