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Datagridview questions

Hi all, i have two questions re the datagridview.

Firstly, i want to know if its possible to make a datagridview dynamically re-size itself (height only in this instance) when a new row is added. I know that columns etc can autosize, i mean the actual datagridview as a whole.
Having done a quick google i don't think that it is possible but i was hoping somebody here had some idea's.

Secondly, is it possible to have a datagridview work similarly to a spreadsheet? ie: what i want is to have a datagridview to have column headers but also day names on the rows (please see attached pic which will make more sense..) and say that i have monday, tuesday, wednesday etc etc as row names, if i am at row monday, i want to be able to add extra rows below for each day. I know i haven't explained it very well but the pic should be clearer - honest!
Basically, if i have this scenario in Excel, i just 'add new row' below the relevant day and insert my data, i would like to do this using datagridview (in attached pic, the added rows are in blue).

If none of this is possible using datagridview (as i suspect) has anyone any idea's to achieve a similar result?

Thanks in advance.


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