C Programmer Needed (URGENT!) PAID

Hey guys. So as you can see from the title, I'm in urgent need of a C programmer.

The job I need done is only a very small one. I've been told it can be done by anyone with an ounce of knowledge in C in around about an hour if not less. Of course, I'm compensating you for your time that we can work out (I'm think financial compensation here) and I'm willing to be pretty generous for an hours work.

But if anyone can help me out with this, or is even slightly interested please get in contact with me ASAP. Thanks in advance for any help guys!


The entire thing is for a little business project I'm undertaking. I need someone to design a program that basically uses an equation to correlate stock market data.

I know this sounds a little irrelevant but I've basically narrowed down what has to be done in a few steps. I showed my brother who has a limited knowledge of C and after some drafts, I've come up with a good copy of exactly what needs to be done. With the exception of converting 1 equation to C, theres not much else.

The program has to read in values from 2 different text files, run them through an equation and then print it to the screen.

I've just finished making up a PDF file with all the info. It's nothing fancy but it explains exactly what has to be done. So if you're interested, feel free to drop me a line.

[b]The only problem I have is that my presentation has been moved to tomorrow so now I need it more urgently than ever. If anyone can help me out you'd really be saving my life on this one.[/b]

Contact: comp_man22@Hotmail.com
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